thermal transfer foils

The thermal transfer ribbon (also called carbon ribbon) is a "print sheet" that between
Thermal printhead and label material is placed. It is available in different qualities
available and suitable for the printer model on a 1- or 0.5-inch core with the coating
is wound inside or outside.

Here a brief overview of the three main qualities:

suitable for paper, cardboard conditionally suitable for matte PP / PE materials not suitable
for glossy PP / PE, PVC, polyester, polyamide



suitable for paper, cardboard conditionally suitable for PE, PP, polyester not suitable for
PVC, polyamide


suitable for polyamide, PVC, polyester, PE, PP conditionally suitable for glossy paper and
cardboard not suitable for woodfree and semigloss paper / cardboard

In addition, these tapes are also available in color.

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